3DX Star Review

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Over the years I’ve met several movie stars, been called the next big star (provided I gave over my credit card info to an agent who was obviously scamming people, but still) and I’ve even dated a pornstar before she became famous (her career had only 15 minutes of fame in our hometown and zero outside of it, but still). Today, I’m going to encounter my first 3DX Star.

From what I’ve ascertained, a 3DXStar is anybody who appeared in a porn scene that was converted into 3D. That, or it’s the name of today’s site – probably the latter. Anyhoozits, no matter how you slice it, you’ll be finding some high-quality 3D hardcore that stars some of the hottest babes in porn. Audrey Bitoni, Lexi Belle and Lisa Ann are just some of the big names you’ll see fucking, but if you thought they were hot as is, wait until you see them in 3D!

This is actually a mega-site, but it unfortunately has a slow update schedule. New material is only added to it once, sometimes (and by “sometimes” I mean “rarely”) twice a month. This is probably why there are only 42 videos, despite the network housing six sites.

They include Pornstar In Your Face, MILF In Your Face, Babes In Your Face, Hoes N Toes, Ass Dickted and Killer Kurves. A lot of the action on the “In Your Face” sites is POV fucking and sucking, HoesNToes focuses on footjobs and the others are hardcore sites starring babes with big asses.

I like that the videos come in three versions. One is a side-by-side feature with 2D on one side and 3D on the other. Another is 2D only if you’re not in the mood to wear your 3D glasses and the final version is the Anaglyph mode, which is 3D meant for the old-school red-and-blue glasses. The side-by-side mode needs you to follow some sort of process to work on 3D graphics cards, mobiles and TVs, but they have detailed instructions for all possibilities in the “guides” section.

Besides those three options, each version also comes in three file sizes. Obviously, the biggest is by far the best, as it provides you with a Full HD MP4. The smallest version still looks great and each file can be both streamed and downloaded in full.

I didn’t spot a single photo set, but there is a models section. Each one gets you stats like the babe’s age and height, as well as a paragraph summarizing her career and a list of all the scenes she’s appeared in on the network. There aren’t any extras or usability features, but with the amount of content on the site at present, they’re not really necessary. Still, it would be nice to be able to save your favorites or use keyword tags.

3D porn lovers are going to love what they see on 3DX Star. However, there’s not enough content to merit signing up just yet. Still, this exclusive network is going to be amazing once more content is added.


  • high-def movies
  • good navigation
  • appealing design


  • no photos
  • slow update schedule
  • not a lot of content