Pin Up Wow Review

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Back in the early part of the 20th century, the pin-up model was all the rage. These women were beautiful, seductive and used their wiles to tease men in their pictures and posters. Today, with the prevalence of fake tits and hardcore fucking, the pin-up has sadly fallen by the wayside. Pin Up Wow, however, understands that there is a market out there for that classic style and that is who this collection is for.

The site is very colorful and plays into the stereotype very well. PinUpWow has a group of six British models who make up the bulk of the material. Two blondes, three brunettes and one spunky redhead adopt various ’50s hairstyles and outfits in these beautiful photo spreads. They sure know how to tease me into a near frenzy with their classy, but suggestive, posing and slightly revealing wardrobe.

Like classic pin-ups, the content here is softcore and only involves boob and butt nudity (and there are some damn fine boobs and butts on these chicks). There are 903 videos to download in Windows Media format and almost three year’s worth come in HD, while many of the older ones are good in quality.

There are 899 photo galleries to savor that include monthly albums, intimate photo sets and outtakes. Variety and originality is the name of the game here. From pirates to party planners, from a deserted island to a tennis court, there are tons of different setups and they are staged in an enticing manner. Many are high-res images and they can be downloaded in Zip files.

There is also a forum where you can leave comments and you can propose specific scenarios and fantasies that you would like to see the models act out. You can also request a special scene to be shot only for you, although it costs some serious extra cash. You will also find a link to live glamour shows with one free sample, while others cost extra.

Not only are you getting high-quality material in a specific niche, but also they are adding new sexy content every day and more than half of the updates bring you vids. Those looking for the modern pin-up model have come to the right place. This site just keeps on getting better.


  • zipped photo sets
  • frequent video updates
  • many high-def videos


  • no streaming option
  • no bonus sites
  • can't save favorites