Sexy Grandparents Review

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A man named Andrew and a woman named Jill are the stars of Sexy Grandparents. They’re an older couple who haven’t let age slow them down and still fuck like rabbits. They’ve currently got a teenage girl staying with them, but that’s not keeping them from screwing, because the teen cutie loves to watch the elderly pair go at it.

SexyGrandparents sells itself as a site where you can find scenes in which the aforementioned teen masturbates while watching Andrew and Jill have sex. The thing is, though, that there’s only one scene like that in the collection. The younger girl doesn’t even appear in any of the other scenes, but that isn’t really saying much, because there aren’t many scenes to begin with.

Sadly, what we’ve got here is a tiny website, as there are only four videosand four sets of pictures. Those numbers aren’t impressive and it doesn’t seem likely that they’re going to improve. None of the content is dated, but I did a little detective work and it turns out that the website has been stuck at its current size for a long time now.

I already told you what you can expect from one of the videos. Two of the other three show Andrew and Jill fucking with the teenage girl nowhere in sight. The fourth flick has Jill taking herself to orgasm all by her lonesome. You can stream all the movies in an embedded player and you download them in three different HD formats.

The action shown in the pictures is the same that can be seen in the videos. The images are crisp and clear and they can be downloaded in Zip files. Oddly, you get a mix of high-res and low-res photos from these galleries. There’s an average of 105 pics per set.

It won’t take you long to get through everything here, so it’s great that there are five bonus sites. They have names like Mature Share and The Granny Sex. Older women are featured on all of the additional sites.

Sexy Grandparents has some high-quality content, but offers far too little to earn a recommendation. It doesn’t seem like the site will be getting any bigger, so you should probably go elsewhere to see old people fucking.


  • high-def videos
  • bonus sites
  • zipped photo sets


  • tiny website
  • no longer updating