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You won’t see Bo Derek running along the beach (like she does in the ’70s film “10”), but Ten.com gives you pretty much everything else you could want when it comes to hot chicks. (And these babes are doing more than just running in a bathing suit, let me tell ya!)

While using the number 10 in your sitename might be asking for trouble (if you don’t live up to the quality that a 10 implies), Ten.com, although not perfect, does have a lot going for it. The best thing about it is definitely the fact that it provides you with 3,714 videos, but some of the content isn’t exclusive.

There are a lot of movies to look through, but the site has linked categories to help you narrow down your search. Amateur, anal, gonzo, MILF and pornstar are just a few you’ll encounter. You can also search for scenes that feature your favorite performers. There’s a favorites section, sorting options, tags and ratings, but no advanced search or comments box.

But what I would say is more of a problem is that pagination seems too limited given the size of this collection. You can initially jump ahead by up to 15 pages, but then you can only move forward or back by seven at a time. That creates a lot of clicking when you’ve got more than 90 pages of scenes, even if it does help a bit that you can skip right the last page or back to the first.

The vids are often taken from different DVDs as well as other Hustler sites, so even within the categories the variety of setups and styles is pretty good. The videos vary in quality, but the newest ones can be streamed in HD, while the older ones are less impressive. You can stream as much as you want, but keep in mind you can’t download the movies and there are no photos.

The site hasn’t been updated since the end of March. As for extras, members get access to a number of bonus sites, including Ass MeatHometown Honeys and Asian 18. These add value to a membership, but you might see some of the same scenes as you hop from site to site.

With a good chunk of porn, there’s a lot to like about this site. However, Ten.com is mostly nonexclusive and doesn’t have downloadable videos, so most folks won’t be scoring it a perfect 10. And its pricey membership sure doesn’t help matters.


  • some HD streams
  • bonus sites
  • favorites tracking


  • no recent updates
  • some nonexclusive content
  • no download option