Wankz VR Review

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A big trend in porn right now is virtual reality and one of the sites that got in on the game very early on was Wankz VR. And at this point they’ve managed to create a good-sized collection. But what are you getting and is it worth it? That’s what I’m about to tell you, so let’s get to it.

There are 193 videos right now and they’re updating twice per week, so the collection is growing at a pretty good rate. The design and navigation are good. If you find yourself on the Wankz mega-site after logging in, all you have to do is click on the WankzVR link at the top of the page and you’re good to go. The way you browse the site will also depend on what headset you’re using.

You see, the scenes all have options for the Samsung Gear VR, a smartphone (which is basically Google Cardboard or equivalent device), PlayStation VR and the Oculus. I’m using a Gear VR and since that requires me to download the videos into a specific folder on my phone, I prefer to just browse on my phone and download them that way, which makes it only a two-step process to get them into the required folder.

However, if you’re using an Oculus, then you want the files on your computer, so you’ll want to spend your time on the desktop version and download them that way. Either way, the experience is user-friendly and I had no issues getting around and downloading the movies. You’ll also notice a streaming option. I don’t find they look as good, so I tend to stick to the downloads. However, having the option is cool.

This is good 180° VR porn, with Full HD quality and high bit rates at 60 frames per second. I noticed their very latest scene is 4K, so hopefully they’ll continue adding them. There’s cosplay, threesomes, scripted scenarios, and lesbian and solo scenes. The movies are filmed from the guy’s POV with the girls making an effort to look at you and interact. It’s one thing to feel like you’re in the room with them, but when they’re filmed right, you feel like they’re really speaking and playing with you in a way that regular porn just can’t replicate.

If you want to see what all the VR fuss is about, then Wankz VR is a good place to do it. You also get access to the entire Wankz network so you can enjoy lots of standard porn as well. And all of this is your for a pretty good price too. There’s also a join option that gives you access to MILF VR, but it’s more expensive.


  • mobile-friendly interface
  • exclusive content
  • immersive 180 degree videos


  • no advanced search
  • limited trial
  • streaming isn't good on all devices